I climb the ladder into the attic. It’s hot and dusty, and I make my way through the aging furniture. Audrey’s on the futon couch, and I plop down next to her. She shoots me a sneer of disgust. “What are you doing here, Richard? Go away.”

“Hey, c’mon,” I say, “I’m just trying to say hello.”

She rolls her eyes. “Just… go fuck off, ok?”

Whether it’s because I’m oblivious or stubborn, I don’t know, but I don’t let her get to me. “You don’t gotta be that way, Audrey,” I sigh. “We’re both here, and I know you don’t like me, but I don’t want to spend the next two weeks just fucking off by myself, ok?”

“Gross,” she says, “If you think I’m touching your dork ass, you’re dreaming. Leave, Richard.”

“Touch?” I say, “What? I’m just trying to be friendly.”

Despite my playing innocent, I am totally horny for Audrey. It’s because she’s cute as fuck. A pretty little face with a nose ring and big, expressive eyes, made even bigger by the dark eyeliner she draws on. Her blond hair is cropped short, her toned frame in nothing more than a pink bikini top and pink skirt, and her sexy little navel lies between the two on her flat belly. “Richard, you’re a creep,” she says, “You’re staring at my tits.”

I chuckle, make eye contact. “Look, your parents and my parents both dragged us here to this boring ass lake house, right?”

“Yeah,” she says, “So what?”

“And great that they’re all buddies, but there ain’t nobody else around that’s our age, right?”

“Nope. No way.” She shakes her head. “I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is ‘fuck no.’ You’re a loser at school, you’re a loser at home. If you think I’m going to be friends with your loser ass here at this lake just because all my actual friends are far away, you’re delusional.”

I look around the room, then back at her. “We’ve been in class with each other, what, since kindergarten?”

“I don’t fucking know,” she says, “Sure, whatever.”

“So that’s twelve years, right?”

“Wow. Your math skills are amazing.”

I ignore her sarcasm. “But we don’t really know each other, do we?”

“I know you enough to know if I let you, you’ll be hanging around me like some desperate chode.”

“Well,” I grin, “Maybe there’s one more thing you’d like to know.”

She flashes me a look of bored contempt, considering. “If I let you tell me whatever dumbass shit you want to tell me, will you leave me alone?”

“Sure.” I keep my tone light, easy.

“Ok. Fine. Tell me.”

“Mmm. Alright.” And I steel myself and do it.

She recoils. “Oh my god, what the fuck? What the hell, Richard? You can’t just go around exposing yourself — is that real?”

I’ve yanked down my shorts, pulled out my cock. And it’s big. Really big. Rude, circumcised, shaved clean. Even limp, it’s thick and tall, sprouting from my hips like it owns the place. My two big balls hang below it, twin orbs resting against my thighs. “Damn right it’s real,” I grin, “Here, hold up your arm, let’s see which is bigger.”

“What the fuck, Richard?” She sounds offended, but she hasn’t been able to stop staring at it.

I bounce it gently, make it sway back and forth. “What do you think, Audrey? You want to touch it?”

“No, I do not want to touch it.” But she reaches out anyway, her fingers in a pincer shape, as if it was a threat to her. She wiggles it, feels its weight. “I can’t believe… what the fuck, Richard? You think just because you’ve got a really, really big dick that I’m going to… what? Blow you?”

“The way you’re looking at it,” I say, “Probably, yeah.”

“Gross! Are you getting hard?”

I lean back into the couch, kick my shorts the rest of the way off, and groan in pleasure. “Well that’s gonna happen when you tug on it.”

“I’m not tugging on it!” she protests. But she totally is, her pincer fingers relaxed, her palm resting against my shaft. Her fingers stretch around my girth, tips almost touching on the far side, and she’s yanking them up in quick jerks, pulling me stiff.

She frowns. “This is, like, so disgusting.” With her other hand, she runs her fingers up the vein bulging from the underside of my cock. “Are you sure you’re not, like, half horse?”


But Audrey has never been a fan of puns. “Even if you’re the most well hung boy that I’ve… ever even heard of,” she says, “You think I’m so easy, all you gotta do is pull your fat cock out and I’ll just instantly open my legs, let you skewer me with that thing?”

“I bet you couldn’t even fit it inside you,” I taunt her.

“Yeah fucking right,” she says, “If I wanted to, I could sit on your cock right now, make you cum so hard you pass out.” She runs one hand up and down the length of my shaft while her other massages my glans.

I cross my arms behind my head and moan to let her know I’m enjoying. A bead of fluid pools at the fat tip of my dick, runs down the side.

“I can’t believe you’re getting off,” she scowls, “You’re such a fucking loser.” My precum smears against her fingers.

“Show me your tits,” I say.

She rolls her eyes. “Oh my god, Richard.” She pulls the string behind her back, tosses her top aside. “You’re a total pervert.” Her hands are quick to return to my cock.

I grin, “Nice.” Her breasts are pert, little pink nipples atop gentle swells, perfect on her lithe frame. “You’ve always been sexy as fuck, Audrey.”

“You ain’t got a snowball’s chance in Hell, Richard.”

“I’m just admiring,” I say, “But speaking of balls, why don’t you give mine a little attention, they’re lonely.”

“Ugh,” she shakes her head, “TMI. But what the fuck, why are they so big?” She pushes my erection flat against my belly. While she’d been making me hard, my balls have been tensing up, and are now clinging tight against my shaft. Two fat orbs, skin taut between them, now with Audrey’s palm cupping one, fingertips caressing me. “They’re so heavy. Do you have, like, giant fucking loads or something?”

I sigh in pleasure. “Yeah.”

“Huh.” She plays with them more, pawing at them, squeezing, tickling, running a fingertip up their curve, making me moan and squirm. “I never understood what to do with balls,” she says, “Dicks are straightforward. And holes, you put things in them. But balls, some guys hate it, yet here you are, looking like you’re in fuckin’ heaven.”

“Yes,” I whimper, “Suck on them.”

“Suck on them!?” she scoffs, “Good fucking god, Richard, I am not going to suck on your goddam balls.”

I meet her gaze, see the uncertainty in her eyes. “You sure?”

She shakes her head. “Fine. Whatever. But it better be worth it.” She leans down, tries to make the angle work, but can’t get comfortable. “Fuck it,” she mutters, climbing off the couch, kneeling between my legs.

She puts her hands on my thighs, pushes them apart. And then it’s the most amazing feeling, the silky warmth of Audrey’s mouth open against my sac, her tongue sliding over my sensitive skin. I look down, moaning as I make eye contact with Audrey around my fat shaft. Her lips form a tight ring around my right nut, and she sucks it in, tugging on it with her mouth.

My eyes roll back in my head and I groan.

She releases me. “No,” she says, “Look at me. If I’m going to do this, you’re going to watch.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I pant.

And then she repeats with my other nut, and the pleasure is even more intense than the first time, and it’s all I can do to keep watching.

“Fuck,” she says, “You really like that.” She nuzzles my sac, rubbing her lips against my balls while her hand returns to my shaft, stroking off the tip. “I’m still not going to get you off, you know. I’m just going to tease you, leave you hard.” She sticks out her tongue, runs it up my cock’s vein, licks up the precum that’s dripped down its length.

“I’ll jerk off, cum on your tits.”

“The fuck you will.” She purses her lips, kisses the tips of my cock. She grabs the base of my shaft, wiggles it side to side, sliding it back and forth against her mouth. “I’m not watching you jack off, you loser.”

“Then suck on it.”

“I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes,” I smile, “I would.”

“Let’s see if I can even fit this fucking thing in my mouth.” She spreads her lips wide, shows me drool pooling on her tongue, then grabs my cock and brings it to her face. She starts by licking it up and down, making it glisten with drool. Her hands jerk me off, cup my balls, and I groan.

Then she brings the head of my cock to her mouth, and finally lets it inside. Hot and wet and velvety smooth, I am in ecstasy, Audrey sucking me off. She pushes me in until I fill her mouth, until her lips are stretched to the limit, and slithers her tongue around in circles.

“Oh fuck,” I moan.

“Mmmm mmm,” she mumbles, “Mmm m mmmmm mm.” She chokes and coughs, then pulls off me, spit dripping down her chin. “You’re too fucking big, Richard,” she says, “It’s not going to work.”

I whimper, disagreeing silently.

But Audrey stands up, pushes off her skirt. Her bikini bottoms are narrow, barely cupping her sex, strings connecting them over her hips. She pulls those strings, and then she’s naked. I stare in awe — she’s so hot — but she rolls her eyes. “Don’t look so excited, Richard, it’s just pussy.”

But it’s not just any pussy, it’s Audrey’s. And she’s tight, waxed, and dripping wet. As she steps forward and lifts her leg to straddle me, I can barely believe my eyes. Audrey kneels on the futon, suspending herself over my hips, and a bead of fluid drips from her pussy down onto my spit-slicked shaft.

“Just so you know,” she says, “It takes a lot to make me cum.” And with that, she lowers herself onto my erection, impaling herself, pushing me inside her.

Up until now, my hands have been folded behind my head. But as the bliss of Audrey’s tight heat on my cock makes my chest heave, the taste of pleasure beckons me to take a more active role. I grab her legs behind her knees and lift them up, holding them to her torso, having all her weight rest on my dick.

Her eyes go wide, her hands scramble for purchase, land on my wrists, grip me tight. “Richard! What are you doing?”

“Making you cum.” I thrust my hips up and into her, watching my dick skewer her pussy wide, not stopping until my cock is fully inserted. I hold her in place as I pull back out, her jaw dropping, eyes rolling back in her head.

“No,” I bark, “Look at me as I fuck you.”

“You fucking loser,” she whimpers, chest flush with heat, glistening with sweat. I impale her a second time, building towards a rhythm, watching her pussy stretch to fit me in. She’s open so wide, her clit drags against my shaft as I pump it in and out. She squeals, lets escape a series of small moans.

“I’m not going to stop once you orgasm, you know,” I taunt her, “I’m going to fuck you until I cum inside you.”

Her black-painted eyes focus, find mine. “Richard you asshole,” she pants, “I fucking love being cummed in.” Her legs quiver as my full length shoves back inside her. “I fucking can’t believe it’ll be your loser cum, though.”

“You’re never going to forget it, either.” My hips pump automatically, the bliss imperative and demanding.

“Nnnnggg…” she says, “No, and you better not be thinking you can ditch me after this.” She pinches her nipples, rolls her head back. Her words hiss out between gasps and clenched teeth, “Don’t think we’re dating or anything. But I’m going to need a lot more of your cock these next two weeks.”

“Yeah right,” I tease her, “In your dreams.”

She turns to glare at me, sees my grin, breaks into one of her own. “Don’t fuck with me that way–oh! Ohhnnnnnggg…” The orgasm catches her by surprise, makes her twitch and buck, and I fuck her through it, enjoying watching her lose control.

While she climaxes, I wrap an arm around her and twist her around, bring her to lay back against my chest. In this position I can fuck her that much harder, and I do, really pounding her deep and fast.

I pinch her nipples, feeling her heat against me. She gasps in my ear, licks it, and I never understood that kink before but it is the fucking hottest thing. I hold her tight, pulverize her with my cock.

And then I’m cumming too, draining my balls in her pussy. I can feel the load course through my cock, and it’s a large one, even by my standards. Audrey must feel it too, because her whimpers take on a surprised note as my shaft becomes smeared with semen.

“Fuck…” she moans, “Fucking hell, Richard, that was enormous.”

Audrey climbs off me, awkward and clumsy and elbowing me, but I’m still catching my breath, too much in my post-orgasm cloud to care. Her hair is messed up, plastered to her forehead, and her makeup smeared.

“What?” she says, seeing me watching her.

I smile. “You’re glowing.”

She rolls her eyes, “Don’t give me that romantic bullshit, Richard. It’s just sex.” She starts pulling her bikini back on. “This attic fucking stinks with it, let’s get the fuck out of here.”

“Sure, ‘let’s,’” I chuckle, “Where to?”

She sighs. “Yes, I said ‘us’ and no, it doesn’t mean anything. Just come with me, I’m going to take the boat out, and if you’re not a loser, you and your giant cock will be on it. There’s supposed to be an island out there. We’ll bring lunch and some beers and then you can fuck me again. Maybe doggy style this time, that’s always fun.”

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